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Who is Key Lime Vegan?

As a wife and mom of 2, who just got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I immediately decided to take my health serious. I had ongoing female issues and was in the doctor's office faithfully. On top of that, My physician prescribed me medication after medication and nothing was working.

I was so depressed that I felt like I reached a dead end. Days later, I decided to follow a plant-based alkaline diet for 1 month. After changing my diet for a month, I took notice that I was no longer fatigued, I had a lot of energy, my dry skin was no longer dry, and no more female issues. During this journey,I also incorporated organic herbs and sea vegetables. I ended up throwing out my pharmaceutical medication that was in my bathroom cabinet; and now I have a kitchen full of herbs of God's medicine. Seven months since my last doctor visit, I was retested for type 2 diabetes and my numbers were normal and continued being in the normal range that I was no longer diagnosed…. no more metformin and pricking my fingers!!!! Throughout my journey, it helped me discover my passion with herbalism and the ways of healing your body naturally with food and herbs. My kids were always sick and those hospital visits were getting tiring until I started relying on nature's medicine that I already had in my kitchen cabinet.

That's when I started making homemade elderberry syrup infused with different herbs that boost your immune system, get rid of any cold, fever and allergies. After receiving plenty of feedback from friends and family, I then created Key Lime Vegan to help transition them into eating a plant based diet and to re-introduce them to herbal medicine judgment free.... because, I mean we all have to unlearn and start somewhere....


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I had c*vid/ pneumonia last year and let Keylime Vegan know that I was sick. So she personalize a tea blend to help me breathe. Also she made this Elderberry syrup, it was delicious. I would definitely encourage you to try her Elderberry syrup you will not be disappointed.

-Jazmine C.

Your Elderberry syrup is amazing! I’ve cured Colds to Covid. My kids call it “God’s medicine” I love it!

DeAndrea B.


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Lyn is my go to person for any herbal remedies. When I was sick she provided me with her elderberry syrup and it knocked out my cold in one day. Whenever I need advice on what foods and herbs to take she’s always helpful and i cant wait for her to release her custom herb blends! I recommend her to everyone whenever they need herbal advice.

- Candice D.

Gyal! My sister tested positive for c*vid and has been taking this since you shipped it and she said it instantly made her feel better. She will continue to take it through her speedy recovery, she doesn't like anything healthy but she says this taste good. Thanks for making such a great product!

- Vanessa

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Damaged Items -

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of our products and a effort to keep the costs down refunds and cancellation are not accepted.

If your jar is received damaged, please contact me within 3 days to, so you can receive your replacement. Damaged items will be honored after issue is reviewed with a picture of damage item and invoice. The item will then be replaced for the same product ordered.

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Phone: 214-810-5935


Keep up with me by following my social media accounts, where you can learn different herbal remedies and benefit's, plant based/vegan recipe's, and live videos.